Why it’s time to invest in real estate market in Kiev, Ukraine.

The central location of Ukraine on the continent, well-educated manpower, a number of young talents and strong academic institutions – this is just a short list of what Ukraine has to offer and what attracts foreign investors.

What is more, we can see a growing number of real еstate complex projects being initiated in Ukraine, positively affecting the local economy.

The fact that Ukraine continues to make progress towards implementing the Ukraine–European Union Association Agreement, which should pave the way for increased trade, should give investors reason to be optimistic when considering Ukraine.

The question for investors going forward is, whether Ukraine will bounce back from the 2014 drop or whether the fundamentals of pricing have changed forever.
Actions of most pro-reform government since Ukraine gained independence and early indications suggest slow but sustained economic growth.
Continuing crisis and inflation fears may actually help to stimulate activity rather than dampen it.

In September 2015, a renovated apartment in the center of Kiev can be expected to sell even for $1600/sqm or $1800/sqm.
This represents a 30 percent decrease compared to the prices recorded last year.

Housing prices in Kiev have been falling for several years in a row, recording 25% falls on average, compared to the price level in 2013.

It is easy now to get back 8% -10% on your initial investment and with a very wise investment ROI can reach 15% mark. A great example is our affiliate Theatre Boutique Apart Hotel which our company manages successfully for as long as 3 years already.

In a few years, according to real estate experts estimations, price for real estate in Kiev will start growing which will bring great benefits to the wise investors who start putting their money in Ukrainian real estate now!

However, large foreign companies, including various financial institutions, consulting companies, as well as international firms, usually choose Kiev as a location of their headquarters in Ukraine. In order to access new or less competitive Ukrainian markets, investors and developers have moved across national borders.

Nowadays investors are considering real estate as a form of savings and investment opportunity instead of holding money in bank accounts. The low prices on Ukrainian real estate market and relatively low or still not implemented taxes for residential property makes Kiev more than desirable place to stay in.

Despite the fact that Kiev real estate market has a lot of websites, information for existing apartments for sale is fragmented or inaccurate, not to mention intentionally deceiving apartments low or high cost information. That’s why potential buyers are more likely to look for honest local real estate experts who can provide them with insider tips on pricing and help to find profitable deals.
Kievapts.com affiliate company – UA Realty Group, which is known for its efficiency, competency and competitive pricing, can help you to make a wise selection.
There are not too many realtors that specialize in real estate as a smart investment tool, but UA Realty Group is definitely one of them. The company have required skills and contractors on the team, which makes it able to develop a renovation plan with cost estimates.
In its turn, Kievapts.com can help you make decisions that will maintain or increase the value of your assets long-term.

Now Kiev is believed to be the less expensive city in Eastern Europe, according to the latest UBS analytical reports.
Kievapts.com and UA Realty Group can help you with every step on the way to find your place in the heart of Europe, from identifying the property for purchase to guiding through the purchase process.

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