White nights in Kiev! Really?

You may be surprised reading that there are white nights in Kiev. White nights are 8 dance floors, 80 djs, 15 live groups, 32 styles, 30 bars. 50 best street food participants are going to make the party really tasty.

Oysters and snails, meat delicacy, exotic cuisine, desserts and invigorating coffee, tasty cocktails are waiting for you!

Silver is a theme of the party. Silver rain, luminous labyrinth, light show, art installations are going to make summer nights brighter than days are.

white nights_1

You may choose any entertainment you like: pillow fight, night viewing “Friends”, chill out at the live stage, bed dance, speed dating, hookah zone and more other activities.

Special party guests are DJ SONIQUE and Yann Destal, Ukrainian modern stars ONUKA, CEPASA, DVOE. DJs from 7 countries are going to represent all diversity of electromusic. Still more music! Still more light! Still more shine and beautiful people! Don’t miss it!

When: June 3-5, 8.00 pm – 6.00 am

Where: Art-plant Platform (1A Bilomorska St.)

How much: 300 hryvnas

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