Vedalife 2016: 4 days of happiness on Trukhaniv island in Kiev


This summer on July 28-31 will be celebrated the fifth anniversary of the most positive festival and parallel world in the center of Kiev.

What is waiting for you at Vedalife 2016:

  • Yoga marathons for beginners and doers, adults and kids, in the air and on the ground


  • Masters’ mandala. You will be able to learn how to work with your body and your consciousness, make new meal and wonderful things with your own hands, play on exotic instruments and turn routine into wonder


  • Vedic knowledge. Ayurvedists will explain the principles of healthy life, gastrologists will teach you how to cook with love, vedic astrologists and psychologists will help you understand yourself better, spiritual teachers will fulfil your high potential
  • Concerts: drive and meditation on one stage
  • Camping on the beach of the Dnieper river for those who wants to immerse into the world of Vedalife and doesn’t want to sleep morning yoga away


  • Vegetarian cuisine
  • Children’s playground

When: July 28-31

Where: Trukhaniv Island (15-20 minutes walk from Poshtova square)

How much: free entrance

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