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Street food in Kiev


Street food isn’t hot dogs, shawarma and meat pastry long ago. All over the world street food is an integral part of megapolises. In Ukraine street food’s become a trend because it is square, fast and cheap. We offer you a great list of the best street food in Kiev where everyone may find something to his liking.

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Calling it my home ever since…

I was in a state of mixed feelings when I decided to relocate to Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, for perhaps the better. It was hard letting go of the homeland, and even harder to imagine settling from scratch in a stranger place. But I was inspired by my friend’s tale who doubly flourished once moving to Kiev in his business. You have to take a bitter turn in order to reach the sweetest end. Hence, I flew over from my land of to a whole new continent and crossed my fingers to make it work.

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