Street food in Kiev


Street food isn’t hot dogs, shawarma and meat pastry long ago. All over the world street food is an integral part of megapolises. In Ukraine street food’s become a trend because it is square, fast and cheap. We offer you a great list of the best street food in Kiev where everyone may find something to his liking.

GOOD FOOD TRUCK. You may find the foodtruck in the central part of Kiev. Its route, location and working hours are available in Facebook and Twitter. You may also eat in GOOD FOOD TRUCK while being at sports events, concerts, festivals and other events. Its standard menu consists of burgers, rice, Belgian wafers, wok and omelet rolls.

good food truck

BLACK TAG. Rolling coffee house in the centre of Kiev (Antonovycha Street). Here you may try tasty coffee and in summer fresh lemonade. Visitors also like unordinary design of glasses. The wagonette Black Tag you may meet at various festivals, competitions and other city events.

black tag

CRAYFISH&ECLAIRS. It would seem two incompatible products but the founders have decided to combine them and already received dozens of positive reviews from satisfied clients. When it is written “it’s difficult to find and impossible to forget” so this phrase is about them. As you see they are worth looking for. CRAYFISH&ECLAIRS is located inside Bessarabskyi market. Everything is fresh, baked or boiled – no fried meal. As сooks state CRAYFISH&ECLAIRS is created not only for those who keep figure but also for lovers of gastronomic orgasm.


JESUS COFFEE. Coffee house is located on the ground floor of Music bar (5 minutes walk away from Lva Tolstogo Square). As its founders say this is a place where craft coffee, coffee gastronomy and creative selfexpression through tastes and drinks are born. It is one of few coffee places where you may drink dekaf (coffee without coffein) and cocoa prepared with cocoa-butter oil.


TOMATO is a rolling pizza-bar. In wood fired oven they prepare food for the festivals and corporate parties. Just keep track of its location on Tomato’s page in Facebook.


BORSCHMAN FOODTRUCK is the first foodtruck of the unordinary Ukrainian cuisine. As its founders state BORSCHMAN FOODTRUCK is the first Ukrainian super hero. It has its own symbol and bright wagon. Menu is rather attractive: burgers, desserts, wok and various drinks. Many dishes are prepared with a tone of the Ukrainian cuisine. The wagonette travels from one street food festival to another. It has no constant location.


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