Street food festival to be held on September 2-4 in Kiev

street food_2

The first days of autumn will be opened with a hot party because the theme of street food festival on September will be Latin America.

The Mexican, Brazilian, Cuban, Argentinian cuisine will be represented at the festival. Not to be without the Brazilian coffee and tea mate. The guests also will have a great possibility to taste the Chilian wine and all beloved cocktails with rum and tequila. Latin America is associated with salsa and lambada. For the period of the festival art-plant Platforma will become the center of the Latin American dances. Master classes of salsa, tango, rumba and bachata will be performed just for three days but everyone may visit them.

When: September 2-4
Where: Art-Plant Platforma (1 Belomorska Street)
How much: 50-70 hryvnas

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