Street food birthday to be celebrated on August 12-14 in Kiev

фестиваль уличной еды

Street food festival has already become a visiting card of Kiev. It’s difficult to imagine a weekend without visiting Artzavod Platforma where you may try something tasty and unusual.

It’s hard to believe that on August 12-14 the project will be 3 years old. It seems that the festival has been always with us.

It is also hard to imagine that the local food holiday has turned into must visit event for 35 thousands of people. And the team of Street food invites everyone to celebrate the project’s birthday. And what is a birthday without presents? On the occasion of the holiday dozens of presents, eats and drinks are waiting for the guests.

фестиваль уличной еды_2

When: August 12-14
Where: Artzavod Platforma (1A Belomorska street)
How much: 50 hryvnas

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