Calling it my home ever since…

I was in a state of mixed feelings when I decided to relocate to Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine, for perhaps the better. It was hard letting go of the homeland, and even harder to imagine settling from scratch in a stranger place. But I was inspired by my friend’s tale who doubly flourished once moving to Kiev in his business. You have to take a bitter turn in order to reach the sweetest end. Hence, I flew over from my land of to a whole new continent and crossed my fingers to make it work.

I wasn’t even expecting that finding an appropriate place to stay would be easy. was recommended to me by the said friend. “They are perfect, trust me, in every sense,” he had thumbed up. Nonetheless, I was expecting the very common treatment you receive when you have to book in; the wait, the talk about luxury and the following suit high price quote. But as if they had heard me, Kiev Apartments’ management took me by a whirlwind! It felt great; it felt I had already made friends. The booking process was particularly fast, easy and very efficient. I never had to wait even; they just pushed in some keys and dangled my apartment’s keys in front of my face, within seconds! And it didn’t end there. Once I reached my rented flat, I was equally unprepared for the stunning image they had just booked me in to call home. The whole thing actually spelled luxurious, and comfortable, and so…homelike that I was certain I wouldn’t take time to literally call that apartment my “home sweet home.”

There was an open entrance to circulating fresh air, a wonderfully equipped kitchenette, a comfy living room and a queen-sized bed with an unwritten label of “Sleep Forever” on its front that I felt the sudden urge to laze in and never come out of it.

Now if you are thinking an ideal apartment can be found anywhere with a little deeper hunt, I wonder what you’ll say if I tell you the food there is magical. Yes, truly magical in the sense that you pile on plates after plates of healthy, delicious Ukrainian food and it’s a promise you won’t exit the Apartments (if you ever) with more pounds of weight than the last you booked in. As strange as that sounds, believe it from a person living the experience. I stayed about four months in that amazing place and ate double more than what I did back at home. It’s one thing that Ukrainian food is actually very healthy and delectable; they have a rare sense in tastes. It was entirely another thing that I didn’t even put on a single pound more by the end of my stay. I credit this magic to the live, clean water and the crisp, fragrant air of Kiev. It had a pure rawness to it that in other cities is diluted with pollution.

Personally, I also think I have grown a bit more gorgeous since living in Kiev than I originally were 😉

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