Afro-Cuban Jazz on the Roof to be held on August 8 in Kiev

afro cuban jazz

Welcome to jazz party which combines all hits of Afro-Cuban period. Among them are the compositions of Tito Puente, John Coltrane, Fania All Stars, Ernesto Lecuone.

Afro-Cuban jazz was born on the Island of Freedom. Like local spirit it’s freedom-loving, sexual and charming.

Marco concert invites you to carry for one night into temperamental and free paradise on earth which is called Cuba.

Bongo, conga, Cuban rattle, reco-reco: Afro-Cuban jazz is a music with an emphasis on percussion instruments.

Roof is a new concert venue and the best roof in Kiev.

When: August 8, 8 pm

Where: Roof (37-41 Sichovi Striltsi street)

How much: 150-300 hryvnas

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