5 open-air cinemas in Kiev

summer cinema in podil

If usual cinemas don’t impress you anymore and you’d like to forget about suffocative halls, so welcome to open-air cinemas! What can be better than movieland under summer starry sky?!

Open-air cinemas are spreading all over Kiev now: in parks, squares, beaches and even yards of dwelling houses. You may enjoy viewing film for free or for a token fee (at average 50 hryvnas) and take away drinks and various sweets.

Specially for unusal leisure lovers we’ve prepared a survey of capital open-air cinemas:

  • Art-space LabCombinat – informal and even underground centre. It’s well known in privy especially among capital youth. Cinema repertory is old arthouse movie. Filmshow timeline: Thursday-Saturday, 9.00 pm.  Its address: 31 Nyzhnoyurkivska St.
  • Angar – movie showing by water! The beach is located under Moskovskiy bridge. It’s the only cinema where you may watch films all night long. Angar is a favorite place of students and youth: wide cloth, projector, sand, sunset and beautiful river view. It’s opened everyday. How much: 40-60 hryvnas.
  • White Teetering Board has been recently opened in Pushkin Park. Here you may watch old films such as “Cards, money and two smoking barrels”, “Slumdog Millionaire”, “The Shawshank Redemption” and many other legendary cinema films. Instead of chairs are teetering boards. Nearby is the café where you may buy lemonade or fresh, hot-dog or burger. You may also come with your food and drinks, but you must give it a clean. Cinema is free for entrance.
  • Cinemadrome – summer cinema for automobilists! Not leaving car you may watch the films which are shown in usual cinemas. Voice is transmitted through radio. You may call a waiter by hazard warning lights. Cinemadrome is an American classics of summer cinemas. How much: 60-80 hryvnas, everyday at the address: 2 Povitroflotskyi Avenue.
  • Summer cinema in Podil – one more similar place in the residential area at the corner of two streets – Khoryva and Voloska. Here the area residents have humanized the waste ground and made the project “Samosad”. The debut film was “Beloved in the garden”. Summer cinema in Podil has special atmosphere. Not only podopyany (the area residents) but citizens from another districts of Kiev gather here.
    summer cinema in podil

Have a good rest and pleasant viewing!

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