10 Street Art Objects Worth Seeing in Kiev

Since recently Kiev has become known for its street art objects, created by Ukrainian and foreign street artists. Let’s have a look at some of them.

This mural belongs to Fintan Magee, an Australian street artist. You can see his work at Voloshskaya, 19/22 (Kontraktova metro station). The theme of the mural is environmental protection.

Photo — bzh.life

Another work by Magee can be seen at Striletskaya street, 12 (Zoloti Vorota metro station). It depicts the moment at which Anna Rizatdinova, a Ukrainian rhythmic gymnast, is turning a somersault.

Photo — bzh.life

Another foreign street artist, Franko Fasoli from Argentina, created a mural at Desyatynnaya side street, 7, not far from the Andriyivskyy Descent. The theme of the art object was inspired by Mexican folklore.

Poto bzh.life

There are two murals at Tupoleva street, 7b and 11 (between Svyatoshyn and Nyvky metro stations). The first one has obviously been inspired by the Hollywood cartoon ‘Up’ (2009).

Photo kiyany.obozrevatel.com

There is another mural on the other wall of the same building — it was created by Zosen Bandido, a Barcelonian street artist. The mural was inspired by the works of Maria Prymachenko, a Ukrainian folk artist.

In the nearby, on Tupoleva 11, you can find a street art object created by Ukrainian artists from Lviv.

Photo Ilya Sahaydak

Kenor Martinez Vanbergen, a street artist from Barcelona, created a mural at Peremohy Avenue, 114/2 (between Svyatoshyn and Zhytomyrska metro stations). Vanbergen specializes in geometric abstraction. His works can be seen in major cities in Europe: Dresden, Paris, Lodz and others.

Photo bzh.life

A Portuguese artist, working under the nickname Pantonio, decorated the building at Peremohy Avenue, 95 (Svyatoshyn metro stations). Pantonio is famous for his large-scale murals depicting fictitious beings.

Photo bzh.life

In the nearby, at Peremohy Avenue 73/1 (between Svyatoshyn and Nyvky metro stations), you can find another great street art object, this time featuring a religious theme. It was created by Ukrainian artists.

Photo bzh.life

You can see one of the most unusual murals at Vernadskoho avenue, 87 (Akademmistechko metro station). It was created by the Spanish artist Okuda. Okuda’s style is referred to as pop surrealism with the elements of street art. He is known for his works in London, Brussels, Madrid, Oslo and other European cities.

Photo bzh.life

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